Referral response

2021-06-11 School library for education and training

2021-05-23 The sea and man

2021-05-03 Available beaches - a more differentiated beach protection

2021-03-01 Swedish Board of Agriculture - proposal to amend the Swedish Board of Agriculture's regulations and general guidelines (SJVFS 2015: 25)

2021-03-01 Ministry of Infrastructure - The transport requirement in the Postal Ordinance

2021-02-25 Swedish Board of Agriculture - opinion on proposals for amended regulations

2021-02-21 HaV- Referral response to fisheries regulation in marine protected areas in the Baltic Sea

2021-02-08 Swedish Board of Agriculture - opinion on proposed amendment SJVFS (2015: 25)

2021-01-29 Ministry of Infrastructure - consultation response direction documentation

2018-11-12 Ministry of the Environment - consultation response rural development in coastal locations