Exposed coastal areas

A new report to the government points out ten risk areas for landslides, landslides and floods. The Swedish Geotechnical Institute, SGI, and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB, were commissioned by the government in 2019 to identify areas where there is a risk of landslides, landslides, erosion and flooding that are climate-related.

The report that has now been submitted reports and ranks ten areas in Sweden where such climate-related risks are particularly large. The area West Coast - Göta älvdalen is judged to have the most serious and complex risk picture. Another area is the Skåne-Halland coast. The focus has been on identifying major cross-regional risk areas where the risks are complex and require cooperation in order to be preventable, in order to get a national overview of the situation.

The areas that affect our archipelagos are:

  • The west coast - Göta älvdalen
  • Mälardalen- Stockholm
  • Skåne-Hallandskusten
  • Central Norrland coast
  • Northern Väner area
  • Blekinge-Kalmarkusten
  • Southern Lake Vättern area
  • Östgöta-Sörmland

Read the Government's press release

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