Holmön isolated

Now the due date begins (when the ice neither carries nor breaks). The ferry has been canceled since Sunday due to the ice situation. However, the sea ice is not thick enough to drive the hovercraft. According to the Ferry Company's standard, the ice must be 20 cm before the hovercraft is put into service. Reconciliation of joints for the hovercraft begins as soon as the weather allows.

Prior to this winter, the Swedish Transport Administration (TrV) has decided not to pay for the fencing of snowmobile trails. Furthermore, TrV has decided not to deploy a helicopter until after 5 working days and that neither the helicopter nor the hovercraft may take goods.

The people of Holmö ask themselves a little question: "How are we going to get goods to the store, mail and medicines?". Some are a little more critical: "Can it be legal for a government agency to deliberately isolate a society in this way?".

Read more Holmöportalen. There are many news releases about TrV and their decisions.

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  1. Recognize! We have not been able to get anywhere in 2 weeks! AlKalvö, Fjällbacka

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