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About us

The Swedish Archipelago Association, SRF, organizes the resident population around the entire coast from Luleå in the north to Koster in the west and on the islands in the large lakes. SRF works with the conditions for housing, work and service all year round in the country's archipelagos.


MöjaLyftet and Skärgårdsflytten

Möja is an island in the Stockholm archipelago, with surrounding islands staying there about 250 people all year round. In the summer many times ...
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School webinar

Skärgårdarnas Riksförbund in collaboration with SIKO and Rädda Värmdös ö-skolor organizes a webinar on small schools on 25 March. Click here ...
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Island schools

During the week, Strömstads Tidning had a series of articles about island schools. Where, among other things, the conditions between the Koster Islands and Ven are compared ...
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