Welcome to Skärgårdarnas Riksförbund's new website, which is under construction. We hope you find it easy to maneuver, whether you are using a computer, mobile phone or tablet

In the long run, you will find here what concerns and touches our archipelagos and islands.

While waiting for everything to be in place, or if you are missing something, you can always reach us info@skargardarna.se or +46 (0) 70-6004027. This is how we make sure you get the information you are looking for.

About us

The Swedish Archipelago Association, SRF, organizes the resident population around the entire coast from Luleå in the north to Koster in the west and on the islands in the large lakes. SRF works with the conditions for housing, work and service all year round in the country's archipelagos.


This morning they arrived

All issues of our previous magazine We archipelago residents have been bound by hand and it became a book series in three ...
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The sustainable boating life of the future - a national boating environment conference 2021

The Swedish Boating Union, together with the Swedish Maritime and Water Administration and the Norwegian Institute of Marine Environment, is arranging this year's national boat environment conference - The sustainable boating life of the future 2021! Boating in ...
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Prohibition of visits at Måkläppen

The County Administrative Board of Skåne has decided on a ban on access to two areas within the Måkläppen nature reserve. The ban is introduced to protect the seals from disturbance ...
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