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About us

The Swedish Archipelago Association, SRF, organizes the resident population around the entire coast from Luleå in the north to Koster in the west and on the islands in the large lakes. SRF works with the conditions for housing, work and service all year round in the country's archipelagos.


Roadmap for the sour streaming industry

The government gives the Swedish Agency for Agriculture the task of improving seafood consumption statistics and drawing up a road map for the raw material supply of sourdough producers. The availability of fish and ...
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Trawling in the Gulf of Bothnia has started

Sunday 25 September was the premiere of this year's trawl fishing for whitefish. This year HaV has decided to allow a catch ...
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Invitation to network meeting

Sweden is the country with the largest number of islands in the world. However, today there is no overall picture of the state of research on...
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